The Arts Writers Group was formed in 2016 by Grace Davies, Jo Lanyon and Peter Stiles. Jo Lanyon and Peter Stiles ran a programme of events in the first half of 2017 in Bristol, Plymouth and West Cornwall. Although that programme (which is documented on this web site) has ended – various initiatives launched during that period continue and we are currently putting together our next programme.


Following on from the Art Writing Programme that ran during 2017, we have the opportunity for a writer to develop a show at the Plough Art Gallery in Great Torrington (part funded via G4A). There is a basic fee of £1500 that has to include all artist and curation fees. While there is a small budget for print and technical/admin and marketing support is provided – there are no additional travel or production fees associated with this opportunity. If you have an idea for a show – which can be one person or mixed – please send a short paragraph to peter.stiles@theploughartscentre.org.uk before the end of March. If we require further information we will get in touch but we are anxious not to waste people’s time by asking for detailed information too early. The show would run from Fri 14 Sep until Sat Oct 20 and co-incides with a local arts festival.
The Plough Gallery tends to veer towards painting for a number of reasons – not least because there is a programme of evening events that takes place in the Gallery which requires seating to be set out and put away as well as workshops on Mondays when the gallery is closed. However we are interested in all forms of wall based 2d work – including monitors – and can accomodate a limited amount of 3d work or cases. Please  visit www.theploughartscentre.org.uk for information about the venue which includes workshop space, a cinema/auditorium as well as a gallery.
The thinking behind the opportunity is to allow writers who do not regularly curate shows to do so and we are open to writers who work both within and outside the contemporary art world who would like to put in a proposal. N.B. Peter Stiles works 2 days a week so there can occasionally be a delay in answering queries.

Friday 6 April 2018, 3.30-8.00 pm and Saturday 7 April 2018, 10-00 am-2.30 pm
Admission £15 including supper, lunch, teas and coffee (Maximum 10 people)
Learning to Love (some types of) Instability
A two-day experimental writing workshop.
Lead by Sally O’Reilly
Sally O’Reilly will introduce some of the myriad possibilities for hybrid forms of writing, in which critical and creative approaches infect one another. Through a series of presentations, exercises and discussions, fiction and non-fiction will become redundant categories. This event is the part of the Art Writers Programme organised in partnership with the Art Writers Group.  Places are limited on this workshop to respond to individual practitioners needs. Please contact bo.lanyon@spikeisland.org.uk.