Rosemary Babichev: The Twilight of Stonehouse Barracks

by Rosemary Babichev

“Durnford Street, on a narrow strip of land reaching straight out to sea, is a beautiful place in Plymouth but an unsettling one. Its graceful, well-proportioned terraces, the flamboyant southern colours of the great houses nearer its end at Devil’s Point, and marble paving stones set with tiny bronze oblongs bearing the enigmatic remarks of Sherlock Holmes can only be reached if you pass directly in front of an active military base, its entrance constantly watched by an armed guard. This won’t be for much longer. These are the last years of Stonehouse Barracks: 3 Commando Brigade and its attendant units are to leave by 2023 and the buildings will be converted into luxury flats.”

read more here: Rosemary Babichev

This text was published by Made in Plymouth as part of the AWG Plymouth Residency. AWG Writers in Residence Lizzie Lloyd & Tom Jeffreys worked with a team of writers in Plymouth to develop new responses to the local art scene. 


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