Exhibition text: Augmented Geology

0.1 This is the situation. The feeling is that something terrible is on the tip of the earth’s wet tongue. This, the last of days, laps landward; it slobbers lasciviously over rock and seabed, inserting itself into crannies, forcing invisible fissures in the rock to part. This is an excerpt for a text written by… Continue reading Exhibition text: Augmented Geology


Helen Tope: By the People, For the People

by Helen Tope "Art is the battle-cry of the outsider and the underdog. It moves across borders, between generations and over time. To create is one of our oldest impulses, and it’s survived war, famine and disease. It’s a remarkably resilient phenomenon, but a modern challenge has emerged." Read more here: Helen Tope This text was… Continue reading Helen Tope: By the People, For the People

Sophie Mellor: Sorry for any Inconvenience Caused

by Sophie Mellor "We meet our guide under The Big Screen on Armada Way, and wait awhile, wondering if anyone else will join us on this walking tour of the city’s past, present and future. And just as an aside, a pause if you like, in this tale of true fiction - did you know… Continue reading Sophie Mellor: Sorry for any Inconvenience Caused

Rosemary Babichev: The Twilight of Stonehouse Barracks

by Rosemary Babichev "Durnford Street, on a narrow strip of land reaching straight out to sea, is a beautiful place in Plymouth but an unsettling one. Its graceful, well-proportioned terraces, the flamboyant southern colours of the great houses nearer its end at Devil’s Point, and marble paving stones set with tiny bronze oblongs bearing the… Continue reading Rosemary Babichev: The Twilight of Stonehouse Barracks