Interviews: Transition at Newlyn Art Gallery

Transition was a residency programme at Newlyn Art Gallery, running from 14th Feb to 11th Mar 2017. The gallery describes it as "an opportunity for artists, or artist groups, to use the gallery space to consider how a series of works is developing or to try out ideas for an installation or interactive project. Transition gives artists… Continue reading Interviews: Transition at Newlyn Art Gallery

A Tapestry of Invisible Strings

Earlier this year I visited Barbara Hepworth's Pelagos 1946 at Tate Britain. Carved from elm and resting on a square base of oak, the sculpture is similar in size to a basketball.  In contrast to its exterior, which is polished to a nutbrown sheen, the inner plane is painted a pale matt blue redolent of calm seas and cloudless skies. Lengths of string connect its inner and outer edges. Woven through holes in the work's swooping wavelike arms, they create a focal point of fraught connection in an otherwise continuous and indivisible form.  This is an excerpt of an article written for Tate Etc. Read the article here (requires a subscription)